Mar 172012

In one long ass day, we managed to capture epic video footage for three of our brand new jams!  Major props to our amazing cast and crew.  Here’s a recap of the shoot via photos!

Top row from L to R:
Chris Campbell (AD), Jesse J. (PA), Joel Adkins (drums), Nicholas Emilio (vocals, guitar), Daniel Powell (bass guitar), Sergio “Matador” Macian (guitar), David Zimmerman (lead camera op.)
Second row:
Dallas “D-Stoke” Stoeckel (DP), Travis Oberlander (Director)

The band doing a group vocal shot on “Killing You“.

Our main man, Joel Adkins, pummeling the skins.

Nicholas Emilio & Sergio “Matador” Macian doing the back-to-back KISS thing.

The lovely Che Bo playing on her box…

MUA Mynxii White & Che Bo in the makeup suite.

So, what’s next?  We’ve already begun the long & grueling post-production process…  hope to have the first video out in a few weeks.  In the meantime, be on the lookout for a bunch of smaller clips… you know, backstage antics, riveting interviews, etc.  We’ll also post some full-res photos in the near future.

Lastly, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  The green screen is pretty fitting/festive, no?  Hope you all find the perfect balance tonite!  ;)


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