IL Music Video Recap

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Jun 162013

The first two videos in our video series project have been getting rave reviews from fans and critics alike! Here they are, for your viewing pleasure.

“Call to You” – Almost 80k views!

“All These Years” Our First Official Lyric Video – 10k views and counting!



New Rehearsal Space

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Feb 162013

You heard it, people… we’ve just begun moving into our new rehearsal space. We’ve been roughin’ it the last couple months, but now we’re gonna do this right. Hey, it only makes sense, ’cause we’re polishing our live set, adding tons of vocal harmonies, and starting to write the next record. We’re very excited about the new space, and think it’s going to kickstart our collaborative process. Holla at us if you wanna come jam/hang. ;)



Merry Christmas!

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Dec 252012

Merry Christmas, all! We’re very excited to announce that “Call to You” will premiere on YouTube on New Year’s Day! That’s our present to you. ;) Can’t wait to get this baby out of the womb! The single will also be available on iTunes and all other major digital distributors.



Behind-the-Scenes Footage

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Nov 092012

That’s right, we have a bunch of behind-the-scenes footage from our music video shoot, and here’s the first installment! Watch as Joel Adkins tears up the drum kit during the shoot for “Killing You”. The production crew and band look on and offer moral support.

Stay tuned! Lots more to come!

<3 -IL

Video Series Update + Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Mar 172012

In one long ass day, we managed to capture epic video footage for three of our brand new jams!  Major props to our amazing cast and crew.  Here’s a recap of the shoot via photos!

Top row from L to R:
Chris Campbell (AD), Jesse J. (PA), Joel Adkins (drums), Nicholas Emilio (vocals, guitar), Daniel Powell (bass guitar), Sergio “Matador” Macian (guitar), David Zimmerman (lead camera op.)
Second row:
Dallas “D-Stoke” Stoeckel (DP), Travis Oberlander (Director)

The band doing a group vocal shot on “Killing You“.

Our main man, Joel Adkins, pummeling the skins.

Nicholas Emilio & Sergio “Matador” Macian doing the back-to-back KISS thing.

The lovely Che Bo playing on her box…

MUA Mynxii White & Che Bo in the makeup suite.

So, what’s next?  We’ve already begun the long & grueling post-production process…  hope to have the first video out in a few weeks.  In the meantime, be on the lookout for a bunch of smaller clips… you know, backstage antics, riveting interviews, etc.  We’ll also post some full-res photos in the near future.

Lastly, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  The green screen is pretty fitting/festive, no?  Hope you all find the perfect balance tonite!  ;)


Upcoming Music Video Series

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Feb 272012

After much planning, filming of our upcoming music video series begins in less than a week! We have an amazing cast and crew, and it’s all going down in a dope location. We couldn’t be more stoked! Stay tuned for the first clip, a Sabbath-like jam entitled “Call to You”.